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inside of timber framed house

High Durability

Contrary to common belief, Wooden Framed Houses are highly resistant to bending, tension, moisture, shock and even heat. Their unique composition makes them 100% eco-friendly and their structure makes them entirely antiseismic.

inside of timber framed house


All the frames are carefully crafted with high accuracy and organized before being transported and assembled site. This process minimizes your waiting time and allows you to see the entire structure pop up in front of your eyes.


All the materials used are hand-picked and certified for their thermal and sound insulation, fire protection and sturdiness. We ensure the house we build for you is not only safe, but also made according to your personal liking.

Seamless finish

The exterior can be decorated with any material and color of your preference. From stone to paint or even special wood, you can bring your idea to life just like you would with a traditionally built house.


Photos of steel framed buildings.
Two images of a timber framed building under construction and then finished.

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