Prefabricated Mobile HOUSES

Timber or Steel Framed Mobile Houses with a concrete base.
shot of a steel framed house with a clear sky behind it

Quick Assembly

All the frames are carefully crafted with high accuracy and organized before being transported and assembled site. This process minimizes your waiting time and allows you to see the entire structure pop up in front of your eyes.

Easy Delivery

If you don't want the house/shed to be built directly on your land, you can choose to build it at our warehouse. We will then transport the finished product at your desired place, fully equipped with electricity and sanitary ware.

Full customization

Choose how you want the house to look. From roof shape, windows, size, exterior material, location of walls, bathrooms and kitchen, you get to customize the whole product to make it look exactly like your vision.

Quality Materials

All the materials used are hand-picked and certified for their thermal and sound insulation, fire protection and sturdiness. We ensure the house we build for you is not only safe, but also made according to your personal liking.


Process of building and delivering a prefabricated mobile house.
a forklift placing a prefabricated mobile house onto a truck to move it

Other Mobile House Projects

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