Who we are.


We specialize in modern ecological solutions for homes and buildings. We want to give you a pleasant experience while providing expert advice, to find the solution that suits you best.

1998 - 2004

We were four brothers working in construction building for expertise and grew an interest in wooden structures and timber framed buildings. The idea to build our own company where we could encourage people to build this type of ecological houses was born and we started making preparations for the launch.

2005 - 2019

The company started making timber framed houses and pergolas in Paphos, and customers - happy with the work they received - started referring Soulakis Bros to their friends and family. Business especially picked up after the introduction of Aluminium Guttering Systems and Steel Framed Houses.

2017 - Paintshop

Michalis made an investment for a paint shop and opened it with an event, where we brought representatives from our suppliers to show the benefits of their products. The shop today stands as a DIY shop, offering a wide range of products from power tools to equipment and materials for both professionals and individuals.

2020 - Now

We decided to limit our services to focus on Timber, Steel Framed houses, and Aluminium Gutters to maximize the quality we could offer and showcase expertise in these fields. To mark this rebrand we upgraded our brand identity with a new look for our company to keep up with the modern world.