General Information

Knauf Uniflott can be used as a joint and surface filler for Knauf Brio and Knauf GIFAfloor. It is used to joint Knauf non-demountable ceiling systems and Knauf Silentboard partitions.


The estimated coverage for one bag of Knauf Uniflott is 21m².


Bag sizes?

Knauf Uniflott comes in bag sizes of 25kg.

Air or chemical set?

Knauf Uniflott is an air drying product.

Can I use this on any plasterboard?  

Knauf Uniflott is an alphagypsum product and is suitable to use on all plasterboard manufactured to BS EN 520:2004. However, its intention is to be used on the acoustic ceilings or dry screed panel systems. Knauf Uniflott is not a tested compound for jointing in our drywall systems and would be undertaken at the installer’s own risk.

What is the compliance for this product?

Knauf Uniflott is a bedding filler for interior use according to BS EN 13963.

What is the mixing ratio for Knauf Uniflott?

Mix with cold water, approximately 5kg of Knauf Uniflott with 2.4 litres of water.


• High Strength

• Very low shrinkage



Compliance EN 13963 Type 4B

Scope of application

• May be applied by hand or with the specialist Knauf Uniflott Applicator

• Coverage approx. 21m² of board per 25kg bag

• 6 months shelf life.

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